Friday, September 19, 2014

A Letter From My Husband

I'm so excited to say that I have a guest post for today. My husband, who is a fabulous writer, decided he wanted to write a little something for the ol' blog. It may have made me tear up a bit. I have been blessed with the most amazing husband and daddy to my kids. Enjoy!

I ran across a song yesterday that I used to listen to when I was younger, “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee. It brings back many memories. When I heard this song before, like 5 years ago, I had no daughters but the song made me think of a precious little girl that I could just pick up and dance with. Now that God has greatly blessed me with 2 daughters, we will dance together. I love my children so much. I do often tell them and express it but rarely do I ever sit back and really think of it. They are truly a gift from God and the only regrets I have are the times that I let my selfishness get in the way of my seeing that. Many times due to my own selfishness my vision, perspective and attitude become clouded and instead of seeing this wonderful gift all I see is burden. Well that has to change. Yes my children at times can be difficult and loud and messy and crazy and maybe even scary (Ava I love you) but I couldn't imagine a life without them. In fact looking back it is those things aforementioned that I love the most the messy times after dinner when Emma and Ava look like they bathed in their dinner instead of eating it, or the times when jack is jumping from furniture to furniture like it’s a gladiatorial obstacle course. My kids are just that, kids and I hope they don't grow up but I know all too soon they will. And now to our surprise, or maybe not, God has done it again- blessed us with the most amazing gift possible, another child! It will be an amazing bundle of loud, crazy, messy, difficult, beauty and regardless of the lack of sleep, lack of alone (with the wife) time, lack of silence, lack of me time there is I endeavor to enjoy it because again, we only have so much time with these gifts before they are all grown and out of here. I endeavor to change, I endeavor to see this time of my life as the precious time it is. Although this was not how I planned it (and thank God Almighty that my life didn't work out like I planned it in my mind) but God, I will have to say, did an amazing job. I know people will have concerns and jokes to crack about my herd of children but I don’t care. For Isaiah 55 says "God's ways are above our ways and God's thoughts are above our thoughts" and that’s what I am seeking "God's way" and I will not be the man to stand in his way. I love the family God has blessed me with and I am excited to experience this journey we are on.
I love you Amanda and thank you for sticking it out with this hard headed guy. I think I'm beginning to come around. You are an amazingly patient and kind mother and wife. I love you Jackson you wonderful genius boy of mine your heart is so kind, your songs are so wonderful and your imagination is so creative. God has great plans for you. I love you my Ava Rose. You are sweet, strong and beautiful. God will use your wonderful strong will someday to glorify His name. I love you my Emma Belle. Your sweet smile always warms me up. Your continual happiness makes the world around you more beautiful. I know God will use you and bless you. And to you, new-comer I don't know you yet but I love you. It’s amazing, I don't know how but I do I love you and know God has a specific purpose for your life. We are excited to be able to share in it with you.
Always in Love
You husband and daddy

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mutiny Against Excess Week 9- Baby Food Edition

For week 9 I tackled a different area other than clothes and possessions. Baby food making isn't something new for me. I have actually done it to some extent with all three kids so far. It's something that I really enjoy doing and doesn't cost me a dime. 

I think this falls more in the categories of waste and food when touching on the amount of excess in my life. 
It is so nice that I don't have my cabinets full of glass baby food jars. When we moved into our current house I lost my pantry. There is no way I would be able to cram all of my stuff into my cabinets with jars in the way. It's also nice that I know exactly what is in the baby food that I'm making--veggies and water!

I'll start the post in one of my favorite places
my Dad's garden

This is where the free part of this comes in. I know it would cost a lot more if I actually had to buy the veggies, but my parents are pretty awesome and grow all this stuff so that my siblings and I can enjoy it.

For this post I made green beans and squash


Everything had to picked, but due to our unseasonably cool temps for July, it made picking a breeze

I brought the beans and squash home and washed them in the sink
Dad does his best to keep from spraying the veggies with any chemicals, so I know these are going to be pretty healthy and pesticide free

Next, I cut the squash up and snapped the green beans and steamed them in my steamer pot

After that I added them to my small blender along with some of the water from the steamer

Once they were pureed I put them into ice cube trays to freeze

Each serving is about 1 oz.

Once they freeze, I pop them out into ziplock bags and throw them in the freezer. 

They usually last about 6 months in the freezer, so I should have all I need until she starts eating more table food.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mutiny Against Excess Weeks 6, 7 and 8ish

I'm very behind on my blogging through the book Seven by Jen Hatmaker. I have been steadily decluttering things in my house though. There is so much more to her book besides decluttering, but I wanted to start in that area first. 

Mostly I have just been going through drawers, cabinets and small closets. The small roll top desk (ie place for all the junk that didn't have a home) got cleaned out as well as the coat closet. I also organized the kids bookshelves and school area.

One thing I'm considering doing is putting away some of Jackson's toys until this winter. He tends to go through cycles where he only plays with certain toys. Right now, he is mostly playing with legos. He loves to sit and build cars, plains and spaceships with the tiny legos. His imagination amazes me. He has several playsets of imaginext things. Between the batcave, castle and ship it takes up a lot of space. I am considering putting these in the attic until it gets cooler and we are playing inside more. I'm hoping he will get excited to play with them again since he hasn't seen them in awhile.

Do you put some of your kids toys away for certain periods of time? 

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